Clavitanol™'s mechanism of action is non-systemic

Clavitanol plays an important role in consumers’ overall weight management plan. Effective weight management requires long-term commitment and a healthy lifestyle.

Clavitanol promotes effective weight management by:

1. Reducing digestion and absorption of dietary carbohydrates, sugar and fat

Following ingestion, Clavitanol™ blocks some of the breakdown of the complex carbohydrate, sugar and fat molecules during the digestion process. When this happens, fewer carbohydrates, sugar and fat are digested and broken down for absorption. The undigested carbohydrates, sugar and fat are then eliminated naturally by the body.

2. Lowering plasma glucose levels

Clavitanol™ lowers blood glucose response after a meal containing carbohydrates, sugar and fat. This prevents a surge in plasma insulin levels that help manage food cravings.

Note: Non-systemic compounds act within the intestinal lumen without reaching the systemic circulation.


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