Clavitanol™ is highly
efficacious and scientifically validated

Clavitanol™ reduces the absorption of carbohydrate, sugar and fat

Our clinical studies confirm that taking a highly concentrated and standardised polyphenol complex reduces the body’s absorption and digestion of carbohydrate, sugar and fat.

A randomised double-blind and placebo-controlled study was conducted over 14 weeks on Clavitanol™, IQP VV 102 on 120 overweight and obese subjects.

Clavitanol™ resulted in 4x more weight loss than dieting and exercise alone compared to placebo.

1. InQpharm Group. (2010). Evaluation of the anti-obesity effects of the IQP-VV-101, orally administered at three doses, in adult female sprague
dawley rats fed with a high fat diet. Unpublished manuscript.
2. Data on file, In-vitro (laboratory) test report of IQP-VV-102.

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