Clavitanol™ is a natural complex that reduces calorie intake.

Clavitanol™, with the active ingredient IQP VV 102, is a plant-based polyphenol complex with a well etablished safety profile and tolerability. It is patented, natural and has been clinically proven to help consumers lose more weight when used in conjunction with reduced food intake and exercise. It is an effective tool to treat and prevent excess weight and achieve improved weight management results as it reduces calorie absorption and intake from main nutrients such as dietary carbohydrate, sugar and fat.

Clavitanol™ is also effective in lowering plasma blood glucose and insulin surges, which helps in blood glucose management and reduces food cravings.

International quality standards
Just like all our technomarkers, Clavitanol™ is processed under the most stringent quality control conforming to current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Clavitanol™ is a certified medical device* product for long-term use, with its safety and efficacy assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Clavitanol™ is the result of an innovative process based on proprietary technology and extensive R&D. This ensures total traceability and a standardised quality that guarantees safety-for-consumption. Every product produced with Clavitanol™ also delivers optimum carbohydrate, sugar and fat blocking capacity.

Safe for consumption
It is able to reduce the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, sugar and fat without any pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action or effects on the human body, and it is also gluten-free.

Clavitanol™ is a registered trademark of the InQpharm group of companies and is exclusively manufactured by InQpharm™ and distributed worldwide by InQpharm. Clavitanol™ is distributed by business partners in the EU.


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